Scott Schuenke, Chief Financial Officer, New York


Mr. Schuenke currently serves as the Chief Financial Officer of the Adviser, in addition to his service as Chief Financial Officer of the Fund. Mr. Schuenke also serves as the CFO of PPC Enterprises, LLC, a registered investment adviser. He previously served as the Chief Compliance Officer to the Fund and the Adviser. Prior to joining the Fund in June 2004, Mr. Schuenke served as a compliance officer with U.S. Bancorp Fund Services, LLC, from 2002 until he joined the Fund in 2004. Mr. Schuenke also served as the secretary of The Mexico Equity & Income Fund, Inc. and assistant secretary of Tortoise Energy Infrastructure Corporation during his tenure at U.S. Bancorp Fund Services, LLC. He previously served on the Boards of NPWT Corporation when it was a portfolio company of the Fund, and Vestal Manufacturing Enterprises, Inc. through 2015. Mr. Schuenke is a Certified Public Accountant.